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RC Revolutions/ Kids Revolutions

RC Revolutions
The course inside R. B. Winter State Park is approximately 1.5 miles long and about 50% trail and 50% paved road. Participants aim to run (or walk) as many laps as they can (or only as much as they want!) If you start a lap before the three hour time limit is up, but do not finish it before time is up, that lap will still count in your total so long as you do complete it! The winners will be the top three males and top three females who complete the most laps.

So you decide — rack up laps for three solid hours or stop by the pavilion to warm up, have a snack, and relax in between laps. The choice is yours!

Kids Revolutions
Kids 12 and younger can participate in the RC Revolutions option for a discounted rate of $30.  Kids Revolutions will receive the same race swag as all other participants in CJ’s Resolution Challenge.  All Kids Revolutions participants MUST be supervised!


  1. Jennifer

    my son Jackson has autism my whole family runs. I just heard about this and will get all my running friends involved. Thank you my 9y/o means the world to me and I am so grateful to have the ability to run for this cause. I will try to have Jackson run too. God bless

    • Janell Weaver

      I hope to see you there, Jennifer! It will be a great day!

      • Patricia

        is the trail stroller friendly?


        • Janell Weaver

          I think I would have to say no, not really. Only the most rugged jogging strollers could handle the roots, rocks, mud and/or snow. Also there are bridges that you must step up to cross. Far from ideal for our tiny future runners!

  2. Tammy Rhyne

    For the kids race do they only need to do the 1.6 miles? Or do they need to do the 3hr limit?

    • Janell Weaver

      Hi Tammy! Anyone who comes to this race can do whatever they’re comfortable with, so if that means walking one 1.6 mile loop then that’s perfect. Some people did just that in the previous years. If your kiddo tuckers out after running a few laps but doesn’t want to quit, you’re welcome to take a break and start back up whenever you’re ready. And yes, some people run the entire three hours and rack up major mileage. Call it customize-able!

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