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  1. Will

    I was just wondering how the group discount works. Like how do I sign up a group?

    • Janell Weaver

      Hi Will!
      So if you and two of your buddies want to run, go to registration page, then choose your event (RC Revolutions, Last Man Standing, or Kids Revolutions), then enter your information. Then click on box to Add Another Registrant. And then again to add your third registrant (and any additional, as this discount is minimum of three but no max.) Then under your last registrant’s information, the Multi-Person Pricing box should have already selected the We’re Together Discount, which will discount $ per registrant. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions!

  2. Slowtwitcher

    just wondering why are there no results posted since 2015…?

    • Janell Weaver

      Hey Slowtwitcher! They’re posted there! You just have to click on “Result Links.” In 2014 and 2015 we hand timed the event, so that’s why they’re listed there as pages on the site. From 2016 on we had a timing company, so they provide us with links to their site. Thanks!

  3. Tony Dioz

    Hi There,
    Are there any sponsorship and apparel opportunities available?

    Alanic Race Apparel

    • Janell Weaver

      Sorry, not at this time. Thanks for reaching out!

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