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Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing takes place at the same time and on the same course as RC Revolutions. The course is approximately 1.5 miles long and participants will have 20 minutes (13:20 min/mile) to complete the first lap. The time limit will decrease by one minute per lap and participants cannot start laps early. Lap two has a 19-minute time limit, lap three has an 18-minute time limit, and so on. Make it in before the cutoff and you continue to the next lap when our timers say ‘go!’

The race should take just under 3 hours. If participants successfully complete the twelfth loop (two hours and fifty-four minutes into the race), those runners will have completed a total of 18 miles and will have run that twelfth loop at a pace no slower than 6:00 min/mile. We can run a thirteenth loop if needed (a 5:20 min/mile pace!!!)

If no runners complete the final lap before the cutoff, the winner will be the person who completed the previous lap the quickest. There will be prizes for top three male and top three female runners.

Will you be the Last Man Standing?


  1. Jared

    When you finish a lap are you allowed to just keep right on going to the next lap or do you have to wait until 20 minutes is up? Also, is there any penalty to being the last man to finish each lap?

    • Janell Weaver

      Hi Jared! After you’re done with your lap you must wait until the start of the next lap! Strategy will come into play, and you’ll have to consider pace, resting, etc. And there is zero penalty for being the last man to finish each lap, just finish before the time is up!

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    What is the elevation like for the course? Thanks! 🙂

    • Janell Weaver

      Hi Megan! Totally flat, just a little bumpy!!!

  3. Nate

    Is the race still going on due to the weather and is their race day sign ups and what’s the GPS address where you sign up at.

  4. Cashlin Rogers

    Is this going on this year? I’m really looking forward to doing this one and wanted to see the time, date, and cost for this as well as if this is even going on? Can you please get back to me!

    • Cashlin Rogers

      Also is this a trail or a track?

    • Janell Weaver

      Hey there! It is happening 1/7/23! We are full, but a waiting list is open!

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