We will use the 2019 loop again in 2020!!!

We will start in the same area but then…
-west on Boiling Springs Trail (~0.15mi trail)
-right onto Keystone Road
-left into the campground
-run entire way through campground trail (~0.48mi of pavement so far)
-continue straight onto Campground Trail
-left onto Old Boundary Trail (~0.28mi trail)
-left onto Sand Mountain Road (~0.35mi dirt/~0.12mi paved)
-left onto service road back to start/finish (~0.12 mi gravel)

That’s a 1.5-ish mile counterclockwise loop with what I think is a pretty fun mix of terrain! Enjoy!

OLD CJ’S ROUTE (2014-2018)
The entire course is contained within R. B. Winter State Park at 17215 Buffalo Road Mifflinburg, PA 17844.  The start is near Pavilion 1.  Participants head west on Boiling Spring Trail then continue on Rapid Run Nature Trail.  Instead of turning back into the Rapid Run Natural Area, continue onto Sand Road which is paved.  Participants will follow Sand Road approximately seven tenths of a mile before turning right and then another quick right back onto Boiling Spring Trail and back to the Pavilion to complete one loop, which is roughly 1.6 miles.