Wouldn’t it be great if I could go to a big box store and pick up whatever was needed for CJ’s Resolution Challenge, throw it in my cart, check out, and head home with everything needed to make it a fun, safe, successful day?!  Well here in Reality World it doesn’t work out that easily, but maybe YOU can help me out with that.  Presenting the RC Wish List!

Coffee and breakfast items for the start
Hot lunch & Gatorade (and maybe more hot coffee) for the finish
Paper items to eat from
Cash to cover the cost of insurance
Water to keep runners/ walkers thoroughly hydrated
Race bibs and safety pins
Timing clock (just on loan!)
EMTs to volunteer their time and skill
Resources for printed materials (ie flyers, race waivers, etc.)
Signs for direction from road
A way to mark the course
Two outdoor space heaters
Cash to cover ordering the event shirts
One DJ to volunteer his/her time and talents
Enough port-a-johns to support participants on race day (w/ TP and sanitizer!)
Items for basket raffle- gift cards, hand made crafts, business gift baskets…. whatever!

Think you could help?  Contact us today!